We are María Fe Gamarra and Isaías Mendoza del Solar, a couple of dreamers and entrepreneurs who seek to make the world a better place, we contribute to this noble cause with the project Glamping Sustainable Qhispikay.

We are passionate about the natural, cultural and historical riches that our country has. We combine our traveling spirit and business studies to undertake in the tourism sector. We believe in fair trade, we seek to generate a great social impact and without environmental footprint.

To be coherent with the Glamping concept, we have imported special tents for this and we have equipped them with first class items and decorated with fine craftsmanship of the Andean peoples. We have built a beautiful bathroom, with solar thermal and taking advantage of the panoramic views in the gardens of each of these families.

We are exploring the natural and archeological attractions around each of these communities so that the adventurous traveler makes Qhispikay his base camp to discover these magical places rarely visited.

At Qhispikay we work with families of high-Andean communities of Cusco, they are the hosts and responsible for the entire operation that takes place in their homes and we are providing constant training. In this way we are empowering, improving the quality of life and contributing to the economy of each of these people.

We promote cultural exchange between travelers from cities and the Andean people, seeking to make their reality known to the world, so that their culture is valued and respected. Through cultural activities, their ancestral knowledge is transmitted on self-sufficiency techniques, such as housing construction, textile processing, organic agriculture, among others.


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Direct impact at the community




Indirect impact at the community



Additional income generated to families since July 2018

Sensitized visitors


US$ 18.180


- Data updated to March 2020 -

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